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What does it take to be the best? We asked ourselves that question when we launched ‘Best of Middletown’ in 2018. We know we have something special here in Middletown, Ohio. We wanted to celebrate and highlight everything our amazing community has to offer. The awesome individuals of the city answered our call!

We created a polling system with you in mind. Before each ‘Best of Middletown’, we cast a wide net to see if there is a high demand for a specific poll. We take all suggestions into consideration.¬†We then lay out the categories and pick the polls- but YOU vote for your favorites. We populate each poll with obvious choices, but we also have a ‘Submit’ button- for you to submit your own choice. When choices are submitted, we evaluate and investigate the validity of the submission. If the choice is valid and appropriate for the poll, it makes the list so that it can be voted on by the public.

Out voting system locks out votes on a device for 24 hours to keep the integrity of the ‘Best of Middletown’ high. Be sure to vote every day for your favorites. Like, Share, Tweet, and tell your friends and family so you can see your votes hit the ‘Best of Middletown’ Winners Map at the end of the event.

Best of Middletown is Everywhere.

You can vote on your mobile phone. You can get recommendations on your Amazon Alexa device.

You can visit on your computer or tablet.
Anyway, anywhere you can- vote for your favorites!

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

To help connect like minded Middletonians that share the same passion for our community and provide unique and fun opportunities for career advancement.

The Three Pillars of MYP


    Monthly meet-ups and quarterly happy hours keeps us connected to each other! Follow us on Social Media!


    Volunteer opportunities and ways to give back to the Middletown community are very important to us.


    Join us for cutting edge workshops + training to bring you the latest opportunities and trends in your field.

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

The Best of Middletown theme was inspired by PANTONE's Color of the Year for 2019 - 16-1546 Living Coral.

Color of the Year 2019